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For 15 years, HPC Global has worked with our clients around the world to invest in their people through good times and bad. Today, our clients face an unprecedented global challenge as they fast-track work from home policies, establish teaming technologies and aim to be a beacon of light for their people during a time of deep uncertainty.

Throughout the last 18 months, we have expanded our Transition Hub coaching team to include specialists whose expertise spans personal impact, communication skills, performance, career management and holistic wellbeing. Known globally for our energy, warmth and passion, our entire team is ready to offer our experience to help leaders and their teams navigate through the Covid-19 crisis.

Coaching, Counselling & Career Services

Now, more than ever, leaders need coaching support to help them navigate a landscape that is changing daily. Personal leadership, self-management and holistic wellbeing are critical to being able to lead others who may be experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

Creating personal impact via online platforms, communicating with clarity and transparency, and showing empathy and understanding are part of a new toolkit of personal skills that managers need to create psychological safety and provide leadership for their teams.

Given the rapid pace of change that has been thrust upon us all, most leaders are understandably feeling somewhat overwhelmed and underprepared to transition their teams from old ways of working to new.

Some key challenges include:

  • Establishing presence and impact via online platforms
  • Communicating with clarity and transparency virtually
  • Managing team dynamics remotely
  • Engaging employees in uncertain times
  • Understanding the psychology of change
  • Preparing to let staff go
  • Creating structure and work schedules
  • Navigating isolation and remote working
  • Balancing work and family needs
  • Coping strategies to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Wellbeing and mindfulness

Offering your leaders support throughout the Covid-19 crisis will help them to develop the personal skills needed to enhance their professional impact as well as receive professional guidance on how to develop coping strategies, which may alleviate ongoing mental health challenges now and in the future.

HPC Global’s coaching team is experienced in creating a safe space for people that is uplifting, reflective and expansive. Our goal is to ensure your leaders are supported to develop the skills and mindset needed to navigate change and thrive in this new world of work.

To learn more about HPC’s Professional Employee Assistance Program, or online Leadership and Communication Programs, please contact Louise Watts, Director, HPC Global.

Email: ljwatts@hpcglobal.com.au or Call: 1300 407 688.