Our Team of Coaches

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Louise Watts
Louise WattsDirector
Louise leads our team of communication coaches, trainers and performers who specialise in personal impact, brand, culture, executive presence and interpersonal expertise.

Focusing on the development of people, Louise has forged a reputation as an executive coach who brings meaning to impact and impression as communication.

Based on the philosophy that personal impact is a result of self-perception, self-awareness and attitude, Louise advises organisations on people development strategies, often on a global scale.

Karen Thomas
Karen ThomasDirector
Karen works with our clients to develop global and regional corporate change programs. Her expertise lies in her ability to assist organisations to transform meaningful messages into positive training experiences, based on their story, business strategy and people development needs.

Karen is a gifted writer and coach with the unique ability to inspire confidence in others.

She leverages her program design, training and executive coaching skills when working with both high level and high potential executives to enhance their communication effectiveness and develop communication strategies that support their personal and organisational goals.

Holly Bartter
Holly BartterOperations & Creative Director
With a background in film and writing, and a flair for managing multiple platforms and fast-moving programming, Holly works across global operational logistics, coordinating local and international assignments with our team of executive coaches.

Holly also oversees our creative production, video editing and social engagement team of writers and event managers. She is the driving force behind the Transition Hub client delivery, with an eye for detail which results in beauty, consistency and calm.

Shannon Dolan
Shannon DolanCoach
Shannon specialises in corporate performance skills including physical presence, voice development, presentation and communication skills.

By combining her corporate, academic and theatrical experience, Shannon works with groups and individuals to assist them to achieve greater confidence, clarity and understanding of their personal power and creativity.

Results are recognised through increased physical and vocal presence, command and credibility.

Karen Wallace
Karen WallaceCoach
Karen is an experienced executive coach and personal branding specialist. She draws on her background in brand management and studies in coaching psychology to work with executives, managers and frontline staff to maximise personal effectiveness and drive professional success.

Taking a holistic view, Karen focuses on helping individuals develop the right mindset and behaviours to increase self-confidence, personal impact and professional presence.

She works with executives to help them create an authentic, positive and credible impression that represents the best of who they are and is in line with the expectations of their professional role and responsibilities.

Josephine O'Reilly
Josephine O'ReillyCoach
Josephine is a global performer and coach with more than nine years experience as a writer/performer and director of comedy in Europe and the United States.

As a performer, Jo experienced sell out extended runs in New York, London, and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, toured England and Ireland extensively and recorded two comedy series for BBC Radio 4.

Jo now works globally with HPC as an executive coach and trainer, whilst maintaining her performing expertise in television and stage. Our clients are delighted when they have the chance to experience Jo’s exceptional creative talent.

Alyson Standen
Alyson StandenCoach
Alyson is a professional film director, actress and executive coach with a unique background in business and theatre.

She works with clients to enhance their stage presence, physical and vocal energy and presentation skills. She has an interest in facilitating the connection between who you are and what you do, with a focus on developing greater authenticity and depth of character. Drawing on the link between communication and emotional intelligence, Alyson is skilled in the art of storytelling.

As an executive coach, she leverages her film background to train clients in media relations including message development, interview and camera technique, autocue use and direction.

Aimee Foster
Aimee FosterCoach
With a diverse background in performance and feature film development, Aimee now works as an executive coach, creative arts educator and voice over artist.

Whether it be coaching, documentary narration, or drama workshops, Aimee looks for the human connection to link content with meaning.

Driven by a love of storytelling, she uses vocal and physical presence to connect people with their stories and help them to find their own voice. She is renowned for bringing warmth and authenticity to communication.

Monique Dykstra
Monique DykstraCoach
Monique is an actor, performer and corporate trainer. She has a particular interest in storytelling and the art of persuasion. As a coach, she works with senior executives on their personal presence, presentation impact and ability to inspire their teams.

She is also renowned for her performance skills during large scale corporate events, product launches and team building activities.

Monique has studied her craft in Australia, the United States and Canada both academically and through regular appearances on stage and screen.

Sarah Fearnside
Sarah FearnsideCoach
Sarah’s successful career in the pharmaceuticals industry has given her a breadth of experience including executive leadership, sales, marketing and strategic business management.

More recently, Sarah has engaged in entrepreneurship, design thinking and pitch delivery for startups. She draws on her commercial experience to deliver individualised coaching and workshop facilitation on sales processes and interview techniques.

Sarah is passionate about executive presence, clear and effective communication, and helping others to refine their personal brand.

Carole Berndt
Carole BerndtStrategic Advisor
With a banking career that has spanned Asia, America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Carole is a truly global financial services leader.

With extensive experience in transaction and corporate banking, through some of the most notable periods of uncertainty, including the global financial crisis, Eurozone crisis and major business restructures, Carole knows that success is dependent on the people you work with.

A hallmark of Carole’s leadership style is developing and investing in people, ensuring significant returns for both individuals and organisations.

Her success has been achieved through building strong teams, attracting and retaining talent and being able to think outside the box, with an overarching focus on driving results.

Now working independently, Carole is delighted to be partnering with HPC to prepare and develop exceptional people for exceptional careers.

Virginia Stace
Virginia StaceCorporate Travel Manager
As HPC’s Corporate Travel Manager, Virginia has underpinned our international travel schedule for over 10 years.

With her calm demeanor and logistical prowess, Virginia moves our team of coaches across countries, continents and through multiple timezones to ensure we land feeling refreshed, energised and ready to hit the ground running.

With 47 years in the industry, Virginia’s love of travel is both personal and professional, spending part of each year living in her 600 year old cottage in Mallorca, Spain. She is also a gifted artist, both leading and participating in art workshops at home and abroad.

T: 1300 023 347
E: virginia.stace@travelmanagers.com.au